Tuesday, August 05, 2014

E! turns 4!

Happy birthday to E! Mr. Personality is 4 years old!
GPa and GMa were already in Wyoming when his bday arrived, and we met up with them a week later - so they sent a cowboy hat to get E! ready for the trip. Yee haw!

E! loves pirates. So he also received a gold spyglass, treasure map and other pirate equipment.

Playing pirates ... :)

That evening, we met Grandma and Papa at a nearby golf course for a pirate party!
At the end of each hole were pirate instructions and prizes.


There were sword fights, plank walks, pirates booty and more ... intense!

And at the end of the course, X marked the treasure spot on a cooler filled with popsicles - which was the perfect treat on a sunny summer day. 

We adore E! He brings smiles and giggles to our family. He makes friends quickly and with everyone. He is impressively smart, and has no problem keeping up with the group. We're so thankful Heavenly Father sent him to our family!

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